Start Your Own Business for Only $99. What Are You Waiting For?

*Average monthly earnings by rank are representative of July-Dec 2010 earnings of Independent Distributors at each rank, divided by the total number of Independent Distributors at each rank at year end 2010, divided by 6 months. Distributors who did not receive earnings or joined after July 1, 2010 are not included in these calculations. The earnings of any It Works Independent Distributor contained in this chart are not necessarily representative of the income that will be earned through participation in the It Works Compensation Plan.

Why Join It Works Global?

It Works Global is a direct sales company that markets beauty, wellness, lifestyle and weight loss products. Our incredible first to market product is the Ultimate Body Applicator (Skinny Wraps). Skinny Wraps are a botanically-based cream infused cloth that can be placed directly on the body to tighten, tone, and firm in as little as 45 mins. Skinny Wraps are a highly effective at-home treatment, which makes them an extremely unique and popular product as demonstrated by the year to year company growth!*

But we are more than just products! We also have the It Works Gives Back Foundation that works within the US and international communities! This company is truly amazing & well-rounded!

How Do I Get Started?

It is $99 to become an It Works Distributor. This gives you the rights to sell It Works products as well as a Business Builder Kit which includes a box of 4 Skinny Wraps, 4 mini bottles of Defining Gel, roll of Fab Wrap and marketing materials.  You will also get your first month of your online office FREE!

Want more? There are additional add-on kits available when you sign up. After your $99 enrollment, you will receive wholesale pricing on all It Works products in addition to the ability to make commission and bonuses. Wholesale pricing is 40% to 50% off of every product everyday.


What Are the Monthly Commitments As an It Works Distributor?

To be qualified for commissions, you will need to have a $80BV product auto-ship every month OR have personal sales of over $150PBV. When you enroll, we recommend setting up an auto-ship for 2 boxes of wraps. Your monthly shipment can be adjusted at any time to purchase different products. Your monthly auto-ship can also be turned off, but you will not qualify for commissions unless you have $150PBV in personal sales directly under you.

There is also a $20 monthly fee for your personal website, but your first month is free. All online purchasing and enrollments can be done through this site. When you acquire customers, they can make their purchase and payments directly from this site and It Works will ship orders directly to them. It is not necessary to stock up on excess inventory, because of the ease of ordering the products from your site. However, it is important to have products on hand when you are wanting to sell products for cash (at a wrap party, salon event, trade-show, etc.).

There are NO monthly quotas. You are paid commissions and bonuses as a direct result of your sales and enrollments as outlined in the It Works Compensation plan.* It is important to remember that you are building your own business when you enroll as a distributor, and if you work diligently, you should see success. We are here to help guide you along the way!

As mentioned above, it is only $99 for the Business Builder Kit to become an It Works® distributor. This includes a box of 4 wraps, 4 MINI Defining Gels and 1 half size Roll of Fab Wrap. There are additional add-on kits available when you sign up. The optional Mini Booster Pack is a popular add-on, only available during enrollment and is $149 with a Retail Value of $450.